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Actual Sales

10 occasion ticket + 1 occasion  FREE = 11 occasion  = 45.000 Ft
15 occasion ticket  + 2 occasion  FREE = 17 occasion = 60.000 Ft
20 occasion ticket  + 4 occasion  FREE = 24 occasion  = 89.000 Ft


Our newest service for the toned body without fat!

1 occasion 1 bodypart 14.500 Ft
1 occasion 1 bodypart 19.900 Ft
4 + 1 occasion 2 bodypart 65.500 Ft
4 + 1 occasion 2 bodypart 85.500 Ft

Covid 19 information
  • We disinfection all the area of the room after each guests.
  • We change  to fresh air in every houres. 
  • We placed a disinfection gel next to the entrance. You can use it whenever you want. 
  • Please, if you dont feel good, cancel your booked occasion. We try to be as flexible as we can to find you an other appopment.
  • Our salon is more than 100 square meter, so it allows you to keep comfortable 2 m distance from everyone. 
  • Thanks to the plastic trousers you wear during the work out, you dont touch any objects with your skin. 
  • Do not forget! We offer your own room  for your workout! You are there alone, with no one around to give you the safest way for the training. So we can tell, we are one of the safest ways to do sports in this covid 19 situation. 

Opening Houres

Monday - Friday: 07:00-22:00
Saturday: 09:00-19:00
Sunday: CLOSED


If you buy a long term ticket together, all of you will get 5 % from our prices.