What is it good for?

Infrashape is a combined workout type which helps you to loose weight and keep in shape while it is also good against cellulit. It has 3 process, the IR light fasten your metabolism, the built in vacuum is good for your lypathic system and it has also a collagen lamp inside which tighten your skin. All together is it gives you more than a workout in gym. 

After how many occasion can I see the resoult?

This is a combined question, because all of  our bodies are different. For thoose who has never made a sport before, it will be faster to a see the resoult. For thoose who are normally a sporty type, thoose need a bit more occasion to get the resoult she or he wants. You can use this as a cardio next to your training classes, but you can use it by its own for gaining muscles and loosing weight too. Please mind that drinking mutch water is essential next to this kind of workout to reach the best resoult. If you keep the rules, and do the training ocasionally (2-3) times per a week, you are able to see the resoult after 5-6 sessions. 

"I am thin, i do not want to loose weight, i just want to fight against my cellulit." Is it possible with Infrashape?

Yes! We highly recommend Infrashape for thoose who wants to reduce cellulit. In the opinion of our guests they see the resoult first at their skin tone. By the way, we set the features for your wish!

How many occasion do you recommend per a week?

In general we say that you need to do at least 2 occasions per week, but some of our enthusiastic guests are coming 3 times per a week. If you do this work out like an additional sport next to your other kind of workout, than its good if you are coming 1 time per a week. Otherwise if you do only this kind of sport, please come at least 2 times per a week. 

Can men also come?

Of course! We always have men guests. By the way if you are coming together with your partner each of you get 5 % from our prices. 

Do you have an age range among who can use it?

No! Until you are fit and healthy you are welcome to do sport in our salon. We do all the settings regarding your fit level, so its not a question to survive a hard workout. 

What is the collagen lamp good for?

The collagen lamp promotes your cell renewal, your skin will be younger and tighten if you do Infrashape regulary. 

"I dont want to be too muscular." Could I?

No! We can use the Infrashape machine with fat burning settings, so you can reach your special goal!