What is Infrashape?

Infrashape is a new way of taking care of your health and getting the physique you have always wanted. The cabin features an exercise bicycle. The pressure generated inside the cabin reduces stress, while the IR increases temperature, which is conducive to burning more calories. This is weight-loss exercise equipment for demanding users. The conditions created inside Infrashape improve the effectiveness of your workout and thus you can make your cellulite less visible and burn your fat tissue faster. Unlike its competitors, Infrashape offers minimalistic design, easy operation and a built-in Wi-Fi module. What is more, the equipment is easy to maintain. It is a state-of-the-art fitness solution combining cardio workout with additional features, which improves the condition of your skin. Return to your natural body shape.

IR Spectrum

The exercise bicycle uses professional emitters generating a complete IR spectrum (IR-A, IR-B i IR-C). This way, the radiation reaches deep skin layers. Researches confirm that IR has a positive effect on our bodies. Experts point out the following:

  • Infrared generated in the cabin can be 50 degree

  • improved biological recovery of your body
  • long-term affect on the stretching of ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, fascie and synovial membrane, which improves your mobility
  • accelerated metabolism, which allows you to burn fat faster and obtain a slimmer physique without a restrictive diet or intensive exercises
  • increased speed and intensity of blood flow as well as better oxygenation of the body


The Infrashape cabin takes advantage of the wholesome effect aromatic oils have on our bodies. Inhalation with aromatic oils has a positive effect on our immune and respiratory systems. The peppermint oil will help you combat infections faster, while the lavender or the rose aroma will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and reduce you stress levels.

Collagen lamp

Photodynamic therapy using light of suitable wavelength enables slowing down the skin ageing process and mitigates a number of other issues. By stimulating cells inside the deep layers of skin and promoting natural tissue regeneration processes, you can reduce acne, allergies, hyperpigmentation or facilitate the process of healing of wounds which take long to heal.

Positive sides of Infrashape

  • Helps you to loose weight
  • Helps your body to detoxify. So it helps to keep your heart and vascular system healthy. 
  • During long lasting excercises your body will use the fat for having energy from. 
  • Boosts your metabolism. So it will help you to decrease your cellulit. 
  • Decrease your stress level becuause it helps you to produce endorfin hormin which is the key to the balanced life. 
  • Thanks to the IR your body will work more, also after your workout. So the fat burning zone can keep up to 1 hour.

No NOT use if you

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Have problems with your heart
  • Fresh surgery
  • Infection
  • Have high temperature
  • Big visible varicose veins
  • Trombosis or tendency to trombosis

Information about the training

The training takes 30 or 50 minutes. We always recommend 50 if you are coming in order to burn fat. The booked time is the time of the start, so please come 5 minutes prior your appopiment. 

What do i need to bring?

Sportbra, changing panty and socks. We do not recommend shoues, but if you wish to use, feel free to do that.

What is included in the price?

Towels, 2 kind of fat burning creams, plastic bag, and sauna belt for the better result. 

We highly recomment to drink during your workout, becuase it helps the toxins in your body to go out faster, and also boost your metabolism. 

After your work out, we provide your own bathroom for your comfort.

Please if you can do, do not cancel your appoipment within 24 houres. In that way, we need to use your class from your tickets. 

Thank you for reading. We welcome you with love. 

Have a good stay with us! :)