Multipolar RF is essentially electrical energy, which is converted to heat energy when penetrating the skin and fatty tissue. The RF penetrates the skin layers to a predetermined depth in order to selectively heat the target area. The penetration depth is determined by the distance between the poles on the Multipolar Applicator on the device.

In the case of skin rejuvenation and tightening, the skin tissue and the extracellular matrix where the collagen fibres are embedded in the target area. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts (the cells which produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid) thereby accelerating the production of new collagen and elastin fibres.

The contraction of collagen fibres and the regeneration of the collagen and elastin deposits, tighten the skin layers creating smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

In the case of body contouring, fat reduction and cellulite treatment, the heat energy is directed deeper into the skin, thereby heating the hypodermis (fat layer) and the dermis directly above it in order to increase the metabolism of the fat cells, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen and tighten the skin thereby breaking down fatty deposits, improving the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin on the body.

          What is it good for?

  • Tighten your skin immediately.
  • Refresh your collagen fibers. Good for anti aging. Reduces the wrinkles on your skin. Helps your body to create more collagen. Strenghten your connective tissue. 
  • Its able to fade your strech marks, and pregnancy marks. 
  • Boost your metabolism. Help for your fat cells to to empty. So it will reduce the size of your fat cells. 

For who we recommend?

  • Who need tightening
  • Who want to fade their marks
  • Who wants to reduce cellulit
  • Who has elongated skin because of loosing mutch weight or after pregnancy. 
  • Who wants immediately result

Where we do it?

                                                                            - Jowl
                                                                            - Arms
                                                                            - Outside of the legs
                                                                            - Inside of the legs
                                                                            - Waist
                                                                            - Hip area
                                                                            - Bottom

                                                                            - Knees

           When we do not do?

  • The treatment is not recommended when you have a temperature, opened scars or injury, or if you have any skin illnesses at the area where you want to use radiofrequency. 
  • Do not do when you are pregnant. 
  • We do not do it if you have a pacemaker. 

Why choose us?

  • We do not work with chineese machine!
  • The machine we have, is one of the best radiofrequency machines now on the market. 
  • Our machine shows the temperature of your skin, and in an intelligence way it warms it up, if it is needed, or keep it when its getting hot, se you avoid any inconvenient pain. 
  • We set our machines for everyone by their wish. 
  • Our machine is working in that range what is needed at the treated area.
  • We can use 3 different sizes head, so every kind part of your body can be treated. .
  • We use professional fat burning contact lotion.