How do I know which kind of body treatments are good for me?

If you are not sure, what kind of treatments are good for you, you can easily show your problem to our collage, so before your treatment you can discuss which one you want, or maybe which ones you want to combine. 

What is the difference between radiofrequency and ultrasonic cavitation? 

Radiofrequency helps your fat cells to be smaller. Ultrasonic cavitation is killing fat cells, so it has effect on the numbers of your fat cells, not on the size of it. Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasibe body contouring technique. 

Does the treatments have any side effects? 

After the vaccum massage your skin can be red, and there could be little bruising, but it is totally natural. After the radiofrequency treatment because of the heat your skin could be also red. After all of the treatments you might go more often to the toilette, but its good, because it means that your metabolism is starting, your fat burning has started. 

Can I use more treatments at the same time?

Or course! We recommend to combine our tretments in order to get the best resoult. Do not forget, you pay for your time, not for the treatment type, so are free to choose any! 

Does the treatments are hurting? 

Only the vacuum massage could be a little inconvinient, but during all the orders you do not feel anything. During radiofrequency you feel only the warming effect, which is a good feeling. During cavitation you can hear the sould of the machine in your ears. If you are sensitive for sounds, it coud be irritating, but its nothing hurting. :) 

Can i do more bodyparts at the same time? 

Of course! But let me say, if we are focusing on one body part, that could have faster resoult! Its your choice to do more, but do not forget this. 

After how many occasion can i see the result?

After radiofrequency you are able to see the resoult immediately. It depends on your skin type, and on the amount of fat you have there.
If we see the cavitation, its a bit longer procedure, because your body needs at least 5 days to empty the fat cells, we treated. So in this case, after 4 occasions you can see the resoult, be i would say, our smaller long term ticket is a 6 session ticket, we did this, because after 6 occasions we guarantee you will see the resoult if you keep the rules and you are healthy.

All the bodytreatments have the same price? 

Yes! You pay for your time, not for the type of the treatment. It means you can combine the treatments if you want. 

How often can i do facials?

We recommend a cure with 4-6 occasions. Every week you should do one. .

How many occasions do you recommand per a week?

The cavitation we recommend 1 or maximum 2 times per a week, because it needs more type to break down fat cells. The vacuum massage and radiofrequency we recommend 2 times per a week, but if you want to have faster resoult you can come 3 times also. 

What do i need to do before and after the treatments? 

Please keep your stomatch empty, because if you dont eat, your lympathic system wil react faster, and can work faster. So do not eat anything 1-2 houres prior your appoipment.
Please pay attention of your drinking habits too! I would recommend to drink at least 3 liter of water during your cure. 

I gave my baby a birth with a surgery. How long do i need to wait until i want to have a treatment on my belly? 

Because that surgery is a deep surgery, i would say please wait at least half year before doing treatments on your belly. In other cases please contact your doctor. 

If i have scars on my skin, can i do bodytreatments? 

Yes, unless the scars are not opened ones!